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Q: What’s the difference between coaching & therapy? +

First let me say that I love therapy. Therapy has it's time and place, and working with the right therapist and the right modality for you can be powerful for healing and personal growth. I've also had many clients tell me that coaching has moved them forward in their love lives quickly and powerfully in a way that they did not experience in years of therapy. Again- this is NOT a knock on therapy, but rather illuminating the difference of what I'm here for as a coach. To put it simply, here are the 3 biggies of why coaching gets you the RESULTS you're craving:

1. Coaching bridges the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to go. With this forward focus, we have primarily present --> future conversations. We touch on the past as it’s relevant, to learn from and release it, but we don’t hang out there ;)

2. You get powerful homework- exercises, tools, and action items- to keep you moving forward every week. Both in 1:1 coaching and in our Love Life Transformation group program, you'll make leaps every single week, and you'll be blown away by what will change for you in just a few months!

3. As a coach, I get to be both your guide and your friend, sharing personal stories and experiences that allow you to feel deeply that I'm in this with you. Our programs are professional and structured, and they're also fun, intimate, and REAL.

Q: How do I know if 1:1 coaching or the Love Life Transformation group program is the better fit for me? +

Great news- you don’t have to know! When we connect on our consult I’ll typically get a clear sense of which option would best serve you, and we can explore both options together to make sure you get going with exactly what you need.

Q: Do clients get as amazing results from LLT as they do from 1:1 coaching? +

100% YES-- One after another LLT members have called our program “life-changing,” (just peep our client love page), and have experienced powerful transformation in their relationships with themselves and their dating lives. We have just as many LLT grads as 1:1 grads who are already in beautiful, loving, committed partnerships, and who credit the program for supporting them in finding their person and being able to create their epic relationships.

In fact, having an intimate group of other women in the boat with you to learn from, support you, cheer you on, hold space for you, and to be a mirror for your own worthiness and your own journey, serves to amplify your growth and accelerate transformation.

Q: Am I back out in the dating world on my own after completing LLT or a 1:1 coaching package? What if I want ongoing support? +

Girlfriend-- once you’re with me, you never need to do this whole love life thing alone if you won’t want to! We have an incredible Graduate Community that you’ll be invited to join after LLT or 1:1 coaching, where I continue to support our grads with monthly group coaching calls and guest teacher lessons, and where your new sisters will always have your back. Life is so much better where we do it together :)

Q: This all sounds amazing, but I’m so busy/I don’t exactly have a personal development budget set aside/fill in your concern about investing in yourself & your love life. Give me a pep talk? +

I get it, girl. We’re not taught that it’s okay to prioritize ourselves in this way! No one gives us permission to carve out the time for ourselves, to invest in our personal growth or in love. It’s a big, courageous act of SELF LOVE and SELF CARE to reach out for help, to make ourselves and this thing we deeply desire a priority, to spend as much on ourselves as we spend celebrating our friends’ weddings (am I right?! Sheesh!)

Here’s what I want you to know: You are worth it.

Love is worth it.

You don’t have to try to figure this thing out on your own anymore-- the guidance, tools, support, and community you need is right here waiting for you to say YES to yourself. By the way-- all those babes on the client love page (and the ones I couldn’t fit on the page!) had the same fears.

  • Should I spend this much on myself and on love? What could be more important?
  • Will I follow through and actually do the work? There’s so much accountability built into our programs, we literally won’t let you not follow through.
  • What if this doesn’t work for me? If you commit to showing up for yourself and trying on these learnings, practices, and tools, it’s just about impossible that you won’t get significant value, growth, and shifts from this work. Not only will our programs support you leveling up your love life, you’ll be able to apply everything you learn to every area of your life. Many clients have had breakthroughs in their careers, their friendships, their relationships with their families, with money, health & fitness… we could go on and on!

And by the way-- by reaching out you are not committing to enrolling, you’re just taking the first step to connect with me and explore what’s possible for you. Don’t you deserve that?

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