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“I was so ready to get out of my dating rut, and as soon as I started coaching with Evin I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I realized and released the insecurities and fears that had been affecting my dating life, got really clear on how I love and how I want to be loved, and felt this resounding sense of growth every single week in coaching. I met my Person soon after, and a year later WE’RE ENGAGED!! I feel SO HAPPY, so secure, so loved, and finally comfortable with who I am in the relationship. I know that’s because I’m now able to be vulnerable and communicate my needs- and it’s all thanks to Evin & LLT! Invest in yourself; invest in love--you are so worth it!”

- Kavita, NYC


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“Thanks to coaching with Evin, I’m now in the most wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, intimate relationship that I've ever experienced....it’s the best feeling ever! I finally have the tools to cultivate the relationship I've always wanted. This includes learning how to effectively communicate, recognizing the importance of vulnerability, and working on moving past my anxious attachment tendencies. With Evin's support, I was able to fully appreciate that I was worthy and deserving of a man who would treat me like a queen!

I hope this doesn't sound too dramatic, but I have no doubt that Evin changed my life. I am in a completely different space than I was when I met her and I will forever be grateful for the profound impact she had on me.”

- piper, los angeles


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“I feel infinitely more confident in my dating life after completing LLT!  I am super clear on what I want and need now, I learned to show up authentically in a way I never have before, to trust that I’m a catch, and tune into my own feelings instead of worrying about what my date’s thinking. I loved our weekly LLT calls and learning from everyone’s perspectives; that really helped to shift my mindset and to know I wasn’t the only one who sometimes has crazy thoughts. The girls from my group and I still keep and touch and support each other I’m now coming at everything in my life, including my dating life, from a place of love and gratitude– it’s incredible.  LLT was the best investment I made all year!

UPDATE: I am currently dating an amazing man who tells me every day how much he loves me and how special I am to him. I had known him for 6 months before doing LLT, but had put him in the friend zone for being "too nice." However, since working with Evin, I have seen that he was actually the kind of guy I needed to be dating - sweet, kind, intelligent, non-judgmental, allows me to speak up for my needs and adjust as needed, and I got over my self-sabotaging ways and truly realized I deserve this. We're moving in together soon, annd talking about getting married. I have found a relationship that is a true partnership in which each of us is heard and seen. I have never felt more seen or loved in my life.

Thank you for everything, Evin! I truly wouldn't be where I am today without you! If anyone is thinking about signing up for coaching or LLT, it is totally worth every penny to find that meaningful relationship and partnership!”

- liz, houston


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“I made big strides in LLT with believing I deserve a healthy, loving relationship. I didn't fully realize this before LLT, but self worth was THE BIGGEST reason I wasn't 1. choosing men who would make me feel loved and fulfilled or 2. breaking my pattern of dating f*** boys. I wasn't an empowered dater - I wasn't even an intentional dater. I was also surprised by how much I DIDN'T know about myself, since I previously considered myself pretty self-aware! It was really cool that this coaching program taught me so much more about myself than I realized it could, in addition to the tools I'm now using in my love life!!

I had JUST met my now boyfriend when I started LLT, and it was incredibly helpful to have this program supporting me through those early stages. The program helped me to stay present and aware, to communicate my needs, and to create my first healthy, loving, committed relationship!

LLT is extremely informative, thought-provoking, and fun! It's introspective, gives tools for moving forward, and provides the support and community of a sisterhood. Through LLT, you can learn about yourself while learning from Evin's expertise and the commonality of the other girls' experiences. LLT is multifaceted - from video content, journal exercises, weekly coaching calls and 1:1 support from Evin- and extremely well-organized. Can’t recommend it enough!! ;)”

- Ellen, Los Angeles


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“I came to Love Life Coaching with Evin when I felt like I had reached a certain level of self-awareness regarding my dating patterns, but I wasn't sure how to proceed or go about undoing some of the behaviors I felt like I was stuck in. With Evin's guidance and support, I was able to come to the realization that my fears were sabotaging my dating life and holding me back from what I wanted and what I ultimately deserve.

I always looked forward to our weekly coaching sessions-- I loved that it felt like I was talking to a girlfriend of mine! Evin is SO intuitive, positive, and such a pleasure to work with. I felt at ease talking to her about some of the issues I was having and never felt judged or uncomfortable, regardless of how sensitive the subject. I think I loved that our sessions truly felt like a safe space to be incredibly raw and vulnerable with someone, and that in itself is incredibly healing. It was so nice to have unconditional support to help navigate and explore it; coaching was truly invaluable for me!

By the end of this program, I was able to face my greatest fear, a fear that had held me back for years in my romantic relationships. Today, I'm dating this very sweet and amazing man! I'm able to experience very open communication and a level of vulnerability that I really never thought possible with anyone.

I definitely couldn't have come so far without Evin's support and push forward; I’m so very grateful for that!

My advice: INVEST IN YA SELF, GIRLFRIEND! In life, we can only go so far alone. We're meant to lean on one another at some point or another. If you've been contemplating coaching and feel like it could be a valuable part of your journey...I urge you to take the plunge with Evin. You won't regret it!!"

- Vineeta, Los Angeles


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Investing in LLT has been completely life-changing, and I truly can’t thank Evin enough. I came into the program with a lot of hurt in my past, so stuck repeating old habits and not valuing myself. Through LLT, I developed and deep and meaningful sense of myself and my self-worth, clarity on what I want in a partner, and the confidence to put myself out there.

Before the program even ended, I found the man of my dreams. I’m in a relationship where he pursues me- which I’ve never had before- and I can openly and clearly communicate my needs without worrying about seeming “crazy” because he fully accepts me.  Now we’re looking to buy a house and have been looking at rings-- it’s AMAZING! I know I wouldn’t be where I am and as happy as I am had I not gone through LLT.

Thank you just isn’t enough, and I will say that over and over again. From where I was to where I am now has definitely been a total 180 life change. Ladies: if you’re considering doing LLT, jump in before it’s too late-- you won’t regret it”

- Heather, Sterling, VA


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"I came to Evin struggling with confidence, but wanting to put myself out there again after an 8 year abusive relationship. Coaching taught me how to speak up and communicate what I want and need. I learned not to settle and not to let the other person be in control of me and how I felt. Evin helped me A LOT with my confidence, seeing myself as much more than a victim of my past, and realizing that I am worth being treated the way that I want and deserve.

I’ve been seeing my current boyfriend for over a year! We are best friends and have so much love and mutual respect for each other. I’m able to ask for what I want for the first time in a relationship, and he cares about my feelings at all times and does whatever he can to make me happy. I’ve honestly never been happier!

Thank you sooooo much, Evin! You gave me the confidence to speak up and communicate the important things, and I would not have shared what I wanted and needed without your encouragement!"

- Sarah, Minneapolis


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"One of the things that I was really hesitant about was, why do I need a coach? It was this whole thing of, "Okay. Maybe I can figure it out on my own, this dating thing can't really be that hard." That piece was the resistance that I was feeling, so once I got over that, and I was like, "All right, Soph, you clearly don't know what you're doing in your dating life. Evin, help me out here!” I reached out and I’m so glad I did. The LLT program has just been absolutely incredible and just life-changing in so many ways.

The biggest shifts that I’ve had are around my self-worth, and the level of self-awareness that I have about my behavioral patterns, my mindset, and my beliefs when it comes to dating, and how all of that has impacted the men that I’ve attracted and the relationships I was able to foster.

Since LLT, I find myself softening a lot more, being more trusting, more playful and in my feminine energy with it. I’ve also started to attracted a lot higher quality men- who also look really good! I used to struggle with judging myself or feeling like they wouldn’t want to be with me, but now it’s easy for me to connect, to let down my walls and have a lot more fun with it. I cannot wait to meet my twin flame, and even more exciting is the fact that I actually get to enjoy the entire dating experience in the meantime.

Ev, I love you so much. Thank you for this incredible experience.

If you’re a woman, especially someone who spends a lot of time in your masculine energy, running a business or doing a bunch of big things, take a chance and invest in LLT. It’s life-changing!”

- Sophie, San Diego


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“LLT was the best and most healing thing I could have done for myself-- BEST DECISION EVER to join this group! I feel more connected with myself and my needs, and much more confident in all areas of my life. I gained the tools to reframe negative thoughts and fears, and now I know that I can work through anything with communication!

Since LLT, my relationship has progressed and we have fallen in love. It was a beautiful progression and continues to grow and build in a healthy way. I am so grateful and excited to have these tools to communicate, set boundaries, and teach my partner what I need, and to share these tools with him. It feels so incredible to really feel safe and prioritized and respected and loved.

I absolutely recommend LLT!!! It’s fun and supportive, intensive yet easy to navigate! You get guidance and coaching through all the skills necessary for building and growing a healthy relationship, and connecting with the other girls in the group is amazing. I think to myself all the time WWED (what would Evin do) and know that she can help anyone!!!”

- Brooke, San Clemente


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“I came to Evin for coaching when I was going through a pretty brutal breakup. Evin helped me to move through the loss, to understand and prioritize myself, feel grounded, and build self confidence and self esteem. We used a specific technique called EFT Tapping, which really helped bring down my anxiety, and got clear on what I really wanted and needed within my next relationship. Once I was ready to start dating, I was still pretty adverse to the dating apps. Evin helped me build the courage to put myself out there and use dating apps in a more positive way, and that’s where ended up meeting my boyfriend!

We’re now X AMOUNT OF TIME into this wonderful relationship where the communication lines are very open. I am able to speak about my needs and my wants within the relationship, and to put myself first instead of putting him first like I used to do with my partners. I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Evin-- she’s amazing at what she does!”

- L, Venice


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I thought I already knew myself well enough, so I was afraid the LLT investment wouldn’t be worth the money. Boy, was I wrong! Before starting LLT, I was going on a zillion dates that went nowhere and felt like it was hopeless. Now I feel empowered, confident in my decision-making surrounding dating, and clear about what I want and deserve. I’m showing up on dates more relaxed and authentic, and I feel way less stressed that I’m “behind” my friends who are all getting hitched. I’ve been able to release the “timeline” pressure and just see what comes of it. 

I LOVE the sisterhood in LLT; I love how we support each other, and I feel like I’ve gained new friends! I would recommend LLT to any single women who feel stuck in their love lives-- there is SO much clarity, confidence & empowerment to gain from this work!"

- Erin, lexington


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“I was worried about the money and also being in a space where I really believed this program would make a difference. At the end of the day, I decided since this was the thing I wanted most/needed the most help on, it was worth the investment and I went with my gut. After completing the program, I can say LLT was the most valuable thing I’ve ever done in grow in my personal life. I love myself EVEN MORE exactly the way I am AND now I know someone will see that and love me too. It's a deeper confidence I can feel and others are also noticing, and I’ve been able to have a dating experience where I was my most authentic self ever and I'm really proud of that.

I really loved the group coaching-- it felt more fun versus something I had to "work" on. Plus, it's great to hear from other women to reinforce how you're feeling and feel like we're all in this together. I've been telling people the difference it has made for me to stop showing up from a place of fear, with tools to help me bust through barriers, and find my strength, positivity, and confidence again. I tell my friends first and foremost that Evin is truly special - she is kind and warm and has a way about her that you know she is wise and you are in good hands. I really feel like I'm on my path and I have what I need to be ready for when he shows up. I always wondered if I was really ready. Now I know I am.”

- A, Los Angeles


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LLT was truly life changing, and even though I had done prior self development work, I learned so much that is invaluable to me. Since LLT, I’m more hopeful, more confident, and feel like I have a toolkit to pull from rather than feeling frustrated, like I didn’t know where to start or why things weren’t working in my dating life before. My mindset has definitely shifted to be more positive towards myself and about my future, and I’m in a much more conscious place with my thoughts, my energy, and my self worth which has made me feel more positive and better on a day to day basis. I’m also much clearer in what’s most important for me in my next partner, what my needs are and how to express them so that I can create a successful relationship. Getting clear on my patterns/triggers, love languages and attachment style was hugely beneficial for me, and will definitely change how I show up and approach future relationships.

Applying everything we learned, I’ve had more dates- and more QUALITY dates- and I’m spending less time over-thinking and stressing about the unknown future. I’ve started trusting myself more in dating versus asking friends who aren’t in the same place as me. I’ve even utilized the tools from LLT with friends/family and in other areas of my life.

What surprised me the most and made me the happiest was my connection with the other girls in the program. The calls were the highlight of my week and no matter what happened that week/day, the girls were there to bring a smile to my face, support me, and get me laughing. I felt so supported throughout-- Evin is incredibly genuine, smart, supportive, relatable, and knows her stuff! She seemed to always have a good idea or the answer you couldn't put your finger on. She does 1:1 calls with us as well, and was such a great coach through the whole process. I’m so glad I took the leap to do LLT!”

- Kristen, Portland


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“Coaching with Evin helped me not only in my dating life, but also helped me improve my self-esteem, my ability to speak up for myself, and truly has helped me reframe what I deserve.  I’ve learned what dating in 2018 should look like, and how I can show up authentically and confidently in any situation with men. I now know I don’t have to play games, put up with someone treating me poorly, and that self-care is critical to success in relationships and life in general.

Evin has changed the approach I take with people and with myself. I’d highly recommend reaching out to her if you’re in a dating rut, or just looking to make your amazing life just that much more sparkly and wonderful! I can’t thank Evin enough!”

- N, San Francisco


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“LLT has truly changed the way I’ve approached dating, and I feel so much more self-assured than I ever have before! I watched Evin’s videos on her facebook page for a while before I reached out, and I ended up signing up for LLT on my birthday as a gift to myself. I knew I was doing things that were making me feel crazy, and not helping myself to find the kind of connection or relationship that I wanted. Doing a lot of the internal work in LLT helped clear my mind to look at things more rationally and to manage my anxiety, and I have the resources now to navigate my dating life in an empowered way.

What I love most about this program is the women, the community. It was wonderful to watch everybody go through these aha moments themselves, and to be so supportive of each other. Everyone should do LLT!”

- Gaby, Minneapolis


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“I was at a friend’s wedding, surrounded by all my best friends and their boyfriends or fiances and husbands, and I just truly felt the singledom. I hit a wall that night, and decided I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself or stuck or frustrated anymore. So I connected with Evin and ultimately decided to take the plunge with LLT, and I’m just so glad I did-- it has been amazing!

I’ve been able to reframe all that negativity I had in my dating life. I used to feel very hopeless and just exhausted in my dating life, and I truly believed there was nobody out there for me. Now I’m excited and hopeful about what the future holds, I know how to date in a way that’s fun, energizing, and effective, and with the tools in place from LLT I know that I will find my Person.

I learned how to get into my feminine energy and raise my vibe, and how to soothe the anxiety that I deal with on a daily basis. This program transformed not just my dating life, but my life in general.

What I loved most about LLT was having hands-on content to dive into each week, with specific exercises, action items and the group calls to keep me accountable. I also LOVED having a group of women who were going through similar things, and I made new friends along the way as well who I’m very grateful for. The support was just amazing, from the community and from Evin. She’s truly our number one cheerleader, and the support, guidance, and tools she provided are just invaluable!”

- Liz, Chicago


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