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certified Dating & Love Life Coach


Hi! I'm evin, and I believe in Love. The more unconditional, authentic, healthy Love we have in our lives, the happier we are. The fuller our hearts, the better we treat each other. We discover ourselves through intimacy, contribute more generously to the world with a partner in our corner, and shine our brightest when Love is our guide. 


I also know that a giant, sticky pile of not-so-lovely things have become attached to Love for women at our point in life, as we approach or wave goodbye to the "big 3-0." Pressure. Stress. Expectations & disappointment. Comparison & FOMO. Self doubt & confusion. Anxiety.  [SPOILER: it doesn't have to be this way!]

It can feel like everyone else has it figured out, like something is wrong with us if we're still single, like maybe it's too late or we're not enough or we're too needy or ahhhhh! Those beliefs are not only CRAZY-MAKING, but they actually keep us from aligning with the high vibe (read: awesome) people and loving relationships that are waiting for us. In other words, we get in our own way. 


I know it, because I've been there. I did not end up with my college boyfriend, or meet The One when I wasn't even looking. I spent my mid-late 20s in the confusing modern dating game: downloading allll the apps, going on a million dates, trying to present this "perfect" version of myself, falling for men who were unavailable in one way or another, over-accommodating, over-analyzing, silencing my needs out of fear of being needy, trying to force things to work despite the glaring flags, giving up, re-downloading the apps, rinse-and-repeat...


And somewhere along the way, I realized that THIS WAS NOT WORKING FOR ME! Dating had become a chore at best,  I was losing myself in the process, and I had very little faith that I was on my path to the Love I so desired. 


And here's where everything changed for me: I reached out for help. I received guidance and inspiration from coaches, I soaked up all the content I could find from experts in the Love field, and I committed to being my own guinea pig so that I could share what works with the women in my life. and I re-focused my energy from all that negative stuff to Love. I deepened my Self Love and sense of self worth. I got crystal clear on what I DO want, instead of just what I don't. I rewrote my dating history from a place of acceptance, gratitude and growth. I validated my needs, and learned how to communicate them in a way that invites someone to meet me there. I recognized the behaviors that were self-sabotaging, and I started dating like the empowered, effing catch I now know myself to be. Dating became fun again, quality men showed up in a big way, I experienced authentic connection like never before, and I was able to fall in love with my love life. 


My heart is wide open and I'm unshakably optimistic about the future, not just for myself but for you. 


Please hear this, from my heart to yours: YOU are worthy of Love. You deserve true intimacy and partnership, to feel seen and appreciated and cared for in the way you need, and that is totally, totally possible for you.


It is my absolute passion to meet you wherever you are along your love journey, and to coach, support, and cheerlead you on as you transform your love life. We'll get clear about the relationship you're ready for, release all the gunk that's getting in your way, and align your mindset, heartset, and approach; you'll surprise yourself with what's possible for you.

How amazing to realize that the best days of your life are still to come...! 


Yours in love,



PS: I also believe that this whole journey is a hell of a lot more fun when we go it together, so I created the Empowered Dating community just for us. Meet me there?

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