1:1 Coaching

  • "I can’t stop quoting Evin to my friends and gushing about our sessions. You’ll immediately want to share your newfound positive outlook with everyone you love!"
  • "Evin went beyond just being a positive influence for me and also provided clear, actionable tools for me to use moving forward. After working with Evin on my energy I see a noticeable difference in the number of men approaching me and I'm currently struggling to find time for the quality dates I've lined up!"
  • "My weekly coaching sessions with Evin are one of the best parts of my week!  Evin has guided me through those crazy early stages of a new relationship with such support and understanding that I truly don't know what I ever did without her.  Whether I need help preparing for an uncomfortable conversation or just need someone to interpret a text message, Evin is always there to provide incredible advice.  With Evin on my side, I feel less anxious about my current dating situation and more excited about the future.  How awesome is that?!"
  • "When I first started working with Evin, I was completely hung up on a long-ago ex. Over the next five months, not only did Evin help me get unstuck from him (which I had been trying to do for almost two years!), she also guided me in figuring out what I want in a partner and made me willing to put myself out there. During the process, Evin gave me (fun!) exercises to do each week, and held me accountable, and the end result is that I feel better about dating, more hopeful, and better about myself overall! Her tips and strategies have changed the way that I think about and interact with men, and I'm more confident to start dating and persevere even when it gets frustrating. Throughout the entire journey, Evin was always available to help, non-judgmental, and incredibly supportive!"
  • "After a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Evin, I can honestly say, I am in a much more positive and motivated space. What surprised me the most was that Evin was able to offer solutions and suggestions right there on the spot that felt so tailored to me. Her advice and guidance comes from a very genuine place, but also backed with analysis and dissection that I wouldn't have been able to get on my own or by just chatting with a friend. She gave me numerous tools - big and small - on how to attain my goals and shared her personal stories along the way which made it even easier to open up. I knew it was going to be a positive experience going in to it, but DAMN she's good!"
  • "Evin has helped me deal with my anxious attachment style and I am finally learning the tools to help me communicate effectively! Before my current relationship (I’m pretty sure I’ve gone on about a million online dates), I felt insecure with every partner, never expressed my needs, and was always trying to be low key and accommodating. It’s no wonder why I always ended up feeling unfulfilled. I turned 30 a year ago, and the past year has been the best in terms of my dating life, to the point where I’m actually excited about what is to come, rather than afraid it just won’t work out."
  • "I was skeptical I'd learn anything new, given that I felt pretty informed (and experienced!) when it came to dating, but Evin presented so much knowledge with such a fresh outlook I felt invigorated. I can honestly say my dating experience has completely changed. I no longer feel the pressure to be "on the hunt" nor do I resent a date that's not going exactly as I hoped. I was floored by how much I took away from working with Evin."



Anxious Attachment Online Workshop:

  • "Evin's Attachment Workshop has been an incredible game changer for my relationship (going on 7.5 months).  I recognized my "protest behaviors" based on my anxious attachment style, and I was able to identify how these behaviors that were severely impacting my relationship. Using strategies from the workshop, I have been able to not only speak with my boyfriend about this so he understands and helps me work through, but I have been able to handle my feelings/behavior in a healthier way on my own as well.  We have come up with great ways to mitigate and our relationship has been the strongest it's been.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone with an anxious attachment style who would like to build a stronger relationship with their partner!"
  • "Wow. Where to start. This workshop was extremely enlightening and a great reminder to listen to your thoughts, body, and feelings about how your needs are being met. Evin breaks down your attachment style - why you feel this way, what to look for in a potential partner, suggestions on communicating your needs, etc with a straight forward curriculum, personal stories, and tailored questions. As someone who is dating and looking for something serious, I would highly recommend this course with Evin! Everyone should learn about their style - it will only help you!"
  • "Attending Evin's workshop was such an eye-opener for me!  I couldn't believe how perfectly the profile of an anxious attachment style dater described me, and it has been such a relief to finally have this context to understand my dating history.  I've incorporated some of the strategies we discussed, and have already noted a positive impact in my dating life.  I'm feeling less anxious in my new relationship, communicating more confidently, and getting a great response from my guy.  Participating in the workshop made me feel like I was working with a therapist, dating expert, and best friend all in one.  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!"